How ESP Works, 

There are five elements to this ground breaking 3 year programme

1. Accountability and Review

In joining ESP you will make yourself accountable for your personal and professional results at every ESP Day.

This accountability incorporates a review process that ensures you gain extraordinary focus and productivity in your personal life as well as in your business.

 An ESP Coaching Day

2. Business Fulfilment

business-coachingAt each of the ESP Days over the three years of the Programme you will receive coaching on a series of business success modules which will support you in achieving two outcomes.

Firstly you will be given the strategies and tools to transform the profit results from your business.

Secondly and of equal importance, as a business owner you will move closer towards creating a business which is independent of you. The plan is to free you from your business.

3. Personal Fulfilment

These modules are designed to ensure that the satisfaction of your business success is enhanced even further by an increase in the quality of your personal lifestyle and freedom.

Over the three years of the ESP Programme these Personal Fulfilment coaching modules support you in creating ever increasing energy levels, enhanced mental capacities and deeper, even more enriched personal relationships.

4. Strategic Planning Tools

As an ESP Member you will receive your Preparation Pack one month prior to your ESP Day and you’ll spend time planning your next 3 months in all the key result areas of your professional and personal life.

And our specially developed Strategic Planning tools will accelerate both the process of planning as well as achievement of your life long dreams.

5. ESP’s 7 Point Support Plan

Your 7 Point Support Plan provides an unparalleled support network for you in between each ESP Day.

This includes the provision of 1 on 1 coaching and a series of other “added value” opportunities.