Gambling addiction is different than substance addiction. To begin with, gambling addiction is more difficult to spot and acknowledge, due to many different factors. First, some people view gambling as sin, while others view it as a harmless bit of fun – even when they spend hours in a casino and fall in debt to cover their gambling expenses. For others, it is a compulsion to get to the next big win – and then lose it all over again trying to get an even bigger win. But the most striking difference between gambling addiction and substance addiction is that, quite often, people become addicted to gambling because they do not have other means with which to fill their free time. Today, the fact that substance abuse can lead to addiction is a well known fact, which is why spending time gambling seems like a safe enough activity, and people become addicted without being aware – or willing to admit – that they have taken it too far.

There are other reasons behind gambling addiction in people, of course. Some people gamble to escape their problems, to avoid a constant feeling of anxiety and frustration, while others begin gambling to celebrate – and find that they like it and start doing it more often. No matter the root of the addiction, however, there are methods that can help problem gamblers on their road to recovery. By themselves, relaxation methods, meditation and yoga might not be powerful recovery tools, but when used in combination with other methods like joining Gamblers Anonymous, their 12-Step program of spiritual practices, as well as getting professional therapy or getting into a cognitive-behavioral program, the methods described below can drastically increase the success of the process of battling gambling addiction. You can find more information about gambling addiction here.

Yoga – Integration of Mind, Body and Spirit

Yoga is a method of relaxation that is, according to some researchers, almost 10,000 old. Whether that is true or not is not important as much as the effects practicing yoga can have in a person. Practicing yoga means using exercises and spiritual techniques which integrate the mind, the body and the spirit – in other words, a very good method of relaxation. One does not need to be an expert practitioner in order to reap the benefits of yoga – anyone can enjoy them, by joining a yoga class, or following one online from home. It is widely known that yoga, and any other form of exercise, can trigger the same reward system as gambling in the brain, and have the same, albeit a lot safer, effects.

Another benefit from yoga is that by practicing it, you can target the root behind your gambling addiction. As a practice, yoga has been specialized to the point where there are separate relaxation exercises and positions to release anxiety, to imbue relaxation after a difficult work day, or to increase your energy levels. This offers the opportunity to try many different exercises and types of relaxation methods, experiment, and decide which one works best.

Meditation – Induce calmness and awareness in your life

Meditation goes hand in hand with practicing yoga, and they even have the same origin in Eastern philosophies. There are two different types of meditation – concentrative meditation, and mindfulness meditation. During the first type of meditation, the practitioner needs to focus on a single image, sound or phrase (mantra). On the other hand, mindfulness meditation means being aware of every thought that passes through the mind, every sound around oneself, and every feeling inside. Meditation as a practice is also not difficult, although results may vary in speed – and you might need to practice almost every day for a month before you can feel the calming results of meditation. The only thing you need to do is to be in a quiet, comfortable (not too cold, not too hot) room and wear comfortable clothes (not too tight, not too loose). After a while, you can listen to artificially produced nature sounds – waves, rain, or sounds from the forest, however, beginners are encouraged to meditate in complete quiet.

Due to the universal nature of the effects of meditation, which are relieving stress and anxiety, primarily, as well as relieving depression, meditation is highly recommended activity for gambling addicts who are on their way to recovery. Meditation can help addicts cope with the pressure, as well as release the tension caused by triggers and cues that make them want to gamble, as well as deal with the stress of paying back their accumulated debts (financial debt goes hand in hand with gambling addiction).

Wellness coaching therapy

Another method of battling addiction is becoming more productive in every area of life. Today, there are many programs dedicated to self-improvement with the help of coaches or gurus, and these options are highly recommended for people who want to overcome an addiction and improve their lives dramatically.

One of the best wellness coaching programs is offered by CN Business Mentoring. Their programs are specifically designed to aid people in becoming more creative when dealing with the stressors from the workplace, or life in general. With their coaching programs, a person can become transformed and live a life that is drastically improved in every field and their coaches are prepared to be with you from the start of the journey all the way to the end.

It is proven that addiction stems from repeating a habit until it becomes an uncontrollable compulsion. CN Business Mentoring can help you discover and dispel the harmful patterns of behavior and habits that have led you to become addicted in the first place. In other words, their coaches are prepared to help you find the root of your addiction and substitute that habit with activities that are creative, fun, and bring you joy instead of shame and despair. They also help you increase your energy, your overall productivity, which in turn will help you feel better about yourself and your life in general, which is highly important if the root of the gambling addiction lies in escaping problems of reality.