Just what is BOTOX®? It is a trade name for the product Botulinum Toxin. Originally developed by ophthalmologists for neurologic conditions of the eyes, eyelids and face, it quickly became known for its unintended benefits on the skin overlying the muscles that received the treatment.

In miniscule doses, therapeutic uses of Botulinum toxin relaxed pathologic muscle contraction in conditions called blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm. When these muscular contractions were relaxed, the overlying pulling and tugging on skin ceased, as did the development and progression of non-pathologic conditions such as wrinkles.

Today it is well-known that ordinary, non-pathological muscular contraction, which leads to smile lines (crows’ feet) around the corners of the eyes as well as frown lines between the eyes and eyebrows can be eliminated or ameliorated by treating the areas carefully with Botulinum toxin. Moreover, horizontal forehead creases, which can result from continued contraction of the frontalis muscle above the eyes can be similarly treated.

The end result is a more youthful appearance, one that doesn’t look worried, haggard, or angry.
Facelifts, chemical peels and laser treatments for facial wrinkles are invasive and obtrusive methods to achieve a youthful looking appearance. They form the armamentarium of the modern plastic surgeon.

Some of us prefer a more subtle, but definitely as noticeable,approach to the problems of the aging face. Miles of smiles create so-called crows’ feet. Mounds of frowns cause eyebrow creases. Animated conversations result in broad lines across some foreheads.

It’s the human condition to smile, laugh, frown and express emotion with the muscles of facial expression. Years of this activity shows up as these wrinkles, the hyperkinetic lines of normal life. Today’s lifestyles usually frown on such developments, and many of us just don’t like the look of appearing angry, tired, or weary, unless we happen to think the Yoda look is fashionable. Learn more at http://www.starcosmeticmelbourne.com.au/

Application of the Botulinum toxin requires a pinpoint injection under the skin of the overlying hyperdynamic lines into just those areas that need it. The result is a smoother skin, a relaxed face, and a happy patient.

It just might be, “what the patient ordered,” for you.