We spend on average of 30% of our lives working but how much energy do we put into building an awesome relationship with our work? Awesome and work are two words that exist in separate worlds for most of us. Our life coach Sydney guide, will mentor you to success whether it comes to improving your life.

Our mission is to assist people to move from robots to creators in relation to their work.  Imagine for a moment a workplace that pulsates with fun, creativity, imagination and productivity.  There is a transformation afoot and these unique havens already exist BUT how do we join the revolution?

CN Business Mentoring works with individuals and organizations in a practical and awakened way to begin this journey.  We examine unconscious habits and patterns which sabotage our energy, efficiency and productivity . Rather than working to ‘put more in’ to our already busy lives – we simply shine a light on these patterns and habits and make space for new energy and ways of working. CN works with all types on businesses from 3PL to help to with logistics to small roof repair companies like roof doctor.

The patterns usually appear as reoccurring thoughts that cause stress and anxiety in our bodies and hearts and are at the root of our suffering and ineffectivity.  We all face them day in and day out and we accept them as ‘just the way work has to be’.  Some examples include:

  • Hard work is the only way
  • There is so much to do, how will I get it all done
  • The next job will REALLY be the one I love
  • I have to work to provide for myself (or my family).  I just need to get on with it.
  • Surely there is more to life
  • Will I ever be enough

How does Cn Mentoring differ from other Health and Wellness programs or coaching services

 Wellness programs and workplace health initiatives are widespread organisational practices these days and have proven to be effective and successful in supporting overall employee health and wellbeing.  Cn Mentoring is a specialised mentoring or coaching process for individuals and groups which addresses the unquestioned aspects of work, our unconscious habits and patterns which when realised have the power to release significant potential in the workplace. 

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Life Coach Sydney, How we improve your life:

  • crazy-dance* Improved working relationships

  • * A sense of peace and ease in the workplace

  • * Creativity

  • * FUN

  • * Productivity and results