Why did you become an entrepreneur in the first place?

To make your own money, control your life, take holidays whenever you want, retire at 40? You are probably part of the way there – congratulations!

If you’re a high achiever who is looking to grow your business and enrich your lifestyle even more, then welcome to The Entrepreneur’s Success Programme. ESP is a three-year goal achievement programme for entrepreneurs who want a quantum leap in both professional and personal levels of performance.

Life Coach onlineAlong with a massive increase in leisure time, you’re also likely to enjoy increased personal energy levels, improved health and fitness gains as well as rejuvenation of your personal relationships. Read or view some of the Testimonials from ESP Members.

No doubt you have attended courses, workshops or seminars where you return to work with a head full of ideas and a new mantra for change. You fully intend to put it all into use, just as soon as you have returned these calls, sorted out those problems and fixed that widget. Another year goes by…

So what makes this different?

At the heart of the Entrepreneur’s Success Programme are the ESP Days themselves – 13 powerful coaching days spread over the 3 years of the programme. This repeated support and reinforcement, along with the introduction of new skills results in powerful and lasting change. Read about How ESP Works and 10 Reasons to understand the proven systems, practical steps and ongoing support that will make it work for you.

This is a Programme created and run by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs.

What next?

The best way for you to understand ESP is for you to experience it. If you are a successful business owner looking to get balance in your life, you are most welcome to attend the next free ESP Preview session. If you think that you haven’t got the time for it, you definitely need to attend!